Dredging for Nostalgia

There's a curious phenomenon at J.O. Browns in which when an object is leaned against or hung on the wall or placed on a shelf or in a drawer it ceases to be an individual object and becomes stuff, a part of the wall or shelf or drawer itself, and almost invisible. 

Ethnographers call this entanglement, we usually just call it a mess. One of the upsides of our stuff's tendency to blend into its surroundings is that all sorts of historical things like phone bills from 1949 and old pictures escape the clutches of the trash bin.

If anybody actually wants to see a phone bill from 1949 leave a comment below and we can make that happen, until then I've scanned a few prints from the construction and launching of lobster boats at J.O. Brown & Son's.

Bask in the Fujicolor glow of faded film prints and nostalgia for the time before the internet.